Personal protection insurance customer

Hannah and Steve protection customersHannah and Steve live in Stamford near Peterborough with their two young children. They wanted to take out additional insurance to give them reassurance in case something were to happen to either of them. Adam Nanson from Your Mortgage Expert was referred to them by a friend, so they contacted him to talk about their protection needs. Hannah comments on her experience:

“We moved house a few years ago, and increased the size of our mortgage. Since then our life insurance no longer covered the full extent of our mortgage. My husband is also self-employed so would not receive any sick pay if he could not work. Now that we have two children and I work part time, I was painfully aware that my salary alone would not cover the mortgage and basic living expenses. So, if something were ever to happen to my husband, or if he could not work, then we would very quickly end up in some serious financial difficulty.

“Adam’s advice on the different types of critical illness and life insurance were really useful. He also worked with us to decide the best combination of policies that would work with our existing policies to cover our needs. When doing this he happily tweaked quotes for us until we came out with an arrangement that was both affordable and would provide us with the level of cover we thought appropriate.

“In the end we took out life insurance for both my husband and I and income protection for my husband. I feel much more secure now knowing that if anything happened to me or my husband then the other would be able to look after the children comfortably. Adam also found us an income protection policy that would kick in very quickly and would last for two years. This takes all the worry away from the concerns I had with my husband’s self-employed work.

“I would definitely recommend Adam to others. He was very knowledgeable about the products and the service we received was first class, even though the policies we took out were relatively basic, nothing was too much trouble.”

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